With 30+ years of extensive molding experience Papp Plastics has become acknowledged as a leader in plastic molding manufacturing. Papp Plastics is extremely pleased to be IATF certified, remarked co-owners, George and Michael Papp continuously strives to reach top standards. The recognition of our accomplishments (see certifications) reveals the strength of our products, innovations and the commitment of our team.



Recently, Papp Plastics has taken on the challenge to help combat COVID-19. We are manufacturing a Wyss Institute-designed nasopharyngeal swab that is a revolutionary medical device that will help people get tested for the virus as simple at stick, zip and send. Papp Plastics has the capabilities to help many countries with testing. We are headquartered out of Canada but have manufacturing Centers in several countries such as Mexico, Colombia and China. As for exporting, our products reach global markets including USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, The Middle East, Japan, China, Thailand, Australia, The United Kingdom and Germany/ EU. 

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Single non-flocked NP Swab



Swab-INjection Mold

Papp’s 32 cavity mold allows us the ability to produce high volume swabs at an efficient cost to meet the current shortage of COVID-19 test swabs. Our Wyss Institute-designed nasopharyngeal swab coupled with the injection mold design creates a repeatable, high quality manufacturing process yielding approximately 60,000+ swabs daily.





COVID-19 Plastic nP Test swabs





Our Swabs are offered both sterilized as well as non sterilized. Our sterilized COVID-19 Swabs are packaged individually in class 4 internal steam sterilization pouches and are pre-sterilized.


If swabs are ordered sterile, each swab will be packaged individually in a class 4 internal steam sterilization pouch. The individual packaging meets ASTM standards. If ordered non-sterilized, swabs can be shipped individually or in bulk.



A lower priced alternative is our non-sterilized swab. They can be packaged in bulk or individually in accordance to your needs. They are designed for in house sterilizations methods after they have been delivered.

Types of sterilization

If you choose the option of purchasing non-sterilized swabs and want to provide your own sterilization, our NP swabs are capable with many forms such as autoclave, gamma, EtO and beam sterilization.




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Papp’s NP Swab

Papp Plastic’s injection molded swab can be mass produced in bulk quantities, we our capable of producing 100,000 swabs a day. The Wyss Institute-designed nasopharyngeal swab (see ‘In The News’ Harvard Gazette) is state of the art and effective. The swab is a class 1 non-flocked/’honey comb’ swab that is designed to break into a common size. By making a brake point in the swab’s base, separation of the tip from the base is possible and reduces risk of contamination, this also allows the tip to be placed in a vile or small test tube. Made of cost effective medical grade resin, our swab is proven safe for human contact (see certifications).


Single Swab
Original Mold


flawless Swabs



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