Medical Molding

Papp Plastics has established best practice molding standards over our 30+ years in business. We are able to lend our years of experience and design engineering to successfully manufacture a wide array of medical components as well. We have molded comparable projects in very similar to identical resins and understand the behavioral properties along with impact on part stability and performance. Currently, we are working on various projects such as ventilator components, molded face shields, sharps containers and goggles to name a few. Please feel free to reach out to our team with any requests on projects or medical devices you have  and we would be more than happy to discuss details with you.

Face Shields

Papp Plastics is capable of producing and distributing 2 types of face shields. The shields are designed for comfort and durability with 0.5mm PETG and adjustable TPE headbands.


The extruded face shields are produced in high volume. They are made from extruded polypropylene with PETG 0.5mm double sided anti-fog shields and are capable of facing up or down. The shields are also come with adjustable TPE headbands for comfort and sizing.

Sharps Containers

Papp can provide containers in both yellow or red and have a strategically designed lid for safely disposing used needles and other sharp medical items.

Injection Molded SHields

The injection molded shields are produced in high volume capacities. Each one is complete with an adjustable headband and a robust PETG 0.5mm double sided anti-fog shield.